Pesky Kid is a multi-media artist who has dabbled in a bit of everything, currently hoping to unleash “beats for self-actualization.”

A product of the DIY world, Benjamin Champagne ran a small club for over 5 years and helped produce hundreds of shows. In that space he cultivated art shows, workshops, resistance lectures, law briefings, parties, yoga, sound baths, drum circles, you name it. During those years Champagne also worked for Fusion Shows, The Crofoot and Audiotree producing larger professional concerts for many years, also touring the country as a sound engineer. A pedigreed producer, he currently manages a large theatre and works for the Saginaw Art Museum.

The music of Pesky Kid is a product and reflection of all culture. He utilizes organic and inorganic sounds, samples, acoustic instruments, electric whatsadoodles, or anything that produces fun sounds. Playing a little bit of every instrument, Champagne says future releases will contain different musicians and more vocals. In complimentary fashion, Pesky Kid produces zines, poetry, collages and dupes: images from the internet that are cut up to resemble the real thing but are far from it.


Underflow Records